Thursday, August 31, 2006

I don't want Jim Webb representing me in Congress!

Since the MSM has failed to dissect Jim Webb for the citizens of Virginia, The Ward View is helping to get the word out. Check out "The Anti-Jim Webb" and "Jim Webb has much to learn" as well as other postings.

Conservative bloggers unite! Time to battle the bloggers and get the real Jim Webb out there!

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Elle said...

Ah--how soon before Zen reads this post and is offended that he's been outted as a paid political hack! BTW--where do you think he really lives? I'm guessing the mid-west?

It's interesting that they HAVE to hire bloggers. Why? Because their own people can't think for themselves? Because the pubs are just too organized and civic minded?

Hey Zen--I'm sure your party owes you a great deal of thanks. Oh wait--I guess they have--they've put you on the payroll.