Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin grandchild? So what?

When I read through the Virginia political blogosphere Monday, I was shocked at the venom that is spewing from liberal democrats' blogs. I was especially disappointed at the hypocrisy of those who are pounding on Sarah Palin and her daughter's now-public position of being a pregnant teenager.

It happens.

And it is a private family matter and no one else's business. The daughter is not running for public office.

Let me think ... did the libs react when unmarried Hollywood types had babies? When Jamie Lynn Spears recently had a baby, not a peep was heard from the liberals, nor when any of the countless stars have also enjoyed children without the benefit of marriage.

Only on the liberal side of the aisle would there be such a two-sided set of rules where they glorify those who in Hollywood who are strong and raise babies alone ... but condemn conservatives for the same.

Sarah Palin's daughter deserves to be left alone. She is a teenager, for pete sake. Give her privacy to deal with this situation.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, someone please, please explain to me why you guys keep using pro-choice talking points to discuss this?

"It is a private family matter and no one else's business"?? Are you serious? If Bristol had made a private decision to have an abortion, would you be chiding people for talking about it and violating her privacy? Of course you wouldn't!! You would be demanding that Sarah Palin be taken off the ticket.

I am confused, someone please tell me what is going on here. The world is topsy-turvey!