Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ukrop's Homestyle Foods wanted in Shenandoah Valley Martin's

Here's my personal plea to Robert Ukrop: "Please bring Ukrop's Homestyle Foods to the Martin's Food Market in Staunton."

I guess I should direct that more at Martin's owners since they would make the decision.

Irregardless, it's somewhat maddening to see two weekly Martin's ads ... one that advertises Ukrop's goodies and the other that doesn't.

The Sunday food ad in the Richmond Times-Dispatch has a Martin's ad that is peppered throughout with Ukrop's items. The Martin's ad in the Waynesboro News-Virginian has a regular ad ... no familiar green-backed "Ukrop's" emblems anywhere.

I had hoped -- wished? -- when Martin's took over a few months ago that they would ship some of those familiar Ukrop's foods to the Valley for those of us who know them, and for those who could fall in love with them just like generations of Richmonders did. So far, nothing.

Today's Times-Dispatch has an excellent article about the new Ukrop's Homestyle Foods and describes how the Ukrops hope to not only supply foods for Martin's but also expand into other markets.

Hey, Mr. Ukrop! Come to the Shenandoah Valley!

Anyone who reads this blog knows the long history my family has had with Ukrop's Supermarkets. Their lingering presence in Richmond is a good thing. Martin's has added "Ukrop's Homestyle Foods" signs on their stores and kept the "Ukrop's Cafes." It has made it easier for Richmonders to wean themselves from Ukrop's Supermarkets by providing the foods that made those supermarkets so popular.

Foods like chicken salad, White House rolls, triple cheese mac and cheese, rainbow cookies, cakes are still available in Richmond area Martin's. And therein is the rub.

Would people in the Shenandoah Valley learn to love the Ukrop's foods craved by those of us who grew up with it?

Hey, Mr. Ukrop! We have three Martin's stores in this area ... Waynesboro, Staunton, and Harrisonburg. We'd love to have some chicken salad! Oh, and don't forget the White House rolls!

Maybe one day....

UPDATE: Bob at The Journey has joined in on the request to have delicious Ukrop's goodies in Martin's stores in the Valley....

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