Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Staunton: Alex Davis introduces Susan Allen

Alex Davis introduced Susan Allen at Monday's Staunton appearance.

Alex Davis, Staunton coordinator of the George Allen for U.S. Senate campaign, introduced Susan Allen to Monday's appearance at Wright's Dairy-Rite in Staunton:

"I have the honor to introduce Mrs. Susan Allen.  First, I’d like to thank Mrs. Allen for coming to Staunton. 
"While Susan is Governor Allen’s biggest supporter and advocate, she is a life-long public servant for all Virginian’s in her own right.  Susan was raised in Charlottesville, VA, attended the University of South Carolina -- go, Gamecocks! -- and now lives in Mount Vernon, VA.  

"She has great love of our Commonwealth.  While in the Governor’s Mansion, Susan used her background in tourism to promote Virginia as a travel destination to domestic and international travelers.  She established the “To Know Virginia Series” that created group tours to selective sites in Virginia as well as created “Celebrate Virginia” itineraries and a cultural exchange to South Africa.

"She continues to travel the state and experience the many people and activities that make Virginia a great place to live and work.  Recently she attended the Remote Area Medical event in Southwest VA, volunteering while thousands of Virginians received free medical care.   

"She enjoys kayaking and bike riding – pretty much anything outdoors. She serves on many Boards including her most recent appointment to the Board of Visitors for James Madison University.   

"Susan is the proud mother of three children – Tyler (age 23 and a 2010 JMU Graduate), Forrest (age 21 and a Junior at Hampden Sydney College), and Brooke (age 14 and in the eighth grade).  I’d like to welcome Susan Allen."

Applause and cheers greeted the former First Lady of Virginia as she greeted everyone and spoke of the qualities that make her husband the logical choice as the next U.S. Senator from Virginia.

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