Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rush Limbaugh to Harry Reid: "Face me like a man"....

From Rush Limbaugh:

[Rush Limbaugh to Harry Reid]: You want to come on this program and call me unpatriotic, come on this program and call me unpatriotic. You want to call me a liar, you want to tell me that I did not say what I said, you come on this program and you tell me to my face that I said what I did not say.

Stop hiding behind your special protections as a senator and spewing the talking points of an embarrassing, partisan hack media group called Media Matters for America.

Hillary Clinton didn't serve in the military, by the way, Senator Reid. She just voted against General Petraeus. Barack Obama did not serve in the military, Senator Reid, and he didn't even show up to vote in support of Petraeus. John Edwards didn't serve, and after voting to send our troops to war, he has undermined them ever since.

It is unconscionable for an esteemed United States senator to launch an all-out assault on a private citizen, which is a lie from front to back, in order to cover your own actions and words, which have been the true demoralization of the US military -- and if anybody owes the military of this country an apology, Senator Reid, it is you. It is Jack Murtha. It is Dick Durbin. It is any and all who have joined your effort to secure defeat of the United States and the United States military in not only Iraq, but the war on terror.

Sir, have you no decency left? Have you no shame whatsoever?
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