Monday, June 01, 2009

Alton and Kilo on Bloggers Row

I met Alton Foley (I'm Not Emeril) at last year's RPV Convention in Richmond, and reconnected again at the Republican Advance in December. At this year's convention I finally met Carl Kilo (Spark It Up!). He and Alton drove up together from Alton's neck of the woods.

It was so busy we barely had time to visit. Alton and I did get the opportunity to talk a bit about a project he's working on ... would love to have had time to sit down and talk more with Carl.

RPV's New Media Committee will be making great strides at future events and, hopefully, at the Republican Advance in December in Williamsburg. Maybe Carl and Alton will be back for that and we will have more time to visit then.

Meanwhile, it was great to have them both as part of Bloggers Row where they joined 30+ others covering the convention.

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edgycater said...

Wish I could have been there! I have a good feelling about the Virginia GOP slate for 2009. Time to beat back the carpetbaggers!