Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Frontier Culture Museum picks up government shutdown slack with school field trip

I heard from a friend this morning whose wife teaches kindergarten at a local private school. The school had been scheduled to take a field trip today to Humpback Rocks farmstead on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a group of authentic log buildings forming an 1800s mountain farm. Due to the government shutdown, Humpback Rocks is closed and the field trip was in danger of falling through.

However, they were able to rearrange their field trip to Staunton's Frontier Culture Museum that teaches about the early immigrants who came to America from England, Ireland, Germany, and Africa complete with costumed interpreters and hands-on teaching opportunities.

A silver lining of this government shutdown may be that some tourism sites not under the federal government's umbrella could see an uptick in their visitors. The Frontier Culture Museum is just one....

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

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