Monday, July 02, 2012

Staunton City Council swearing-in ... live-blogging

City Hall in downtown Staunton is filling as citizens and staffers stop by for the swearing-in of the 2012 City Council. After the ceremonial swearing-in (they have all already been official sworn in since that had to be done by July 1), elections will be held for Mayor and Vice Mayor.

Current Mayor Lacey King is expected to be reelected. Dave Metz, who was vice mayor, has retired off the council so that position is open.

The electricity is on but it's stuffy in the city hall auditorium....

Noon: The proceedings have begun....

New school board members will be sworn in first.

12:10: Now swearing in city council members ... Erik Curren, Ophie Kier, Andrea Oakes, and Jim Harrington.

12:15: Newly-elected council members have been seated and a brief meeting will take place.

Carolyn Dull nominated Lacey King and it was seconded by Jim Harrington. Nominations were closed; unanimous vote for the Mayor to continue in that role.

Mayor King welcomed Erik Curren as the new member on Council.

Bruce Elder nominated Carolyn Dull for vice mayor. It was seconded by Jim Harrington. Nominations were closed and it was a unanimous vote.

Dates for upcoming meetings were established.

Declaration of local emergency was declared and passed due to the weekend storm that left widespread damage and power outages in the area.

Reaffirmation of council memorands 1-14.

12:40: The meeting adjourned and city council members went to lunch.

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