Saturday, September 07, 2013

2013 voters won't let go of Bolling

There it was again in Saturday's Richmond Times-Dispatch ... another letter to the editor urging voters to write in Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling for Governor. At a time when you would expect the write-in talk to die down, it isn't. Tonight yet another person told me they were writing in the LG. It's something I hear on a regular basis.

On August 29, a letter writer to the RTD wrote:
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has no one to blame for his lackluster polling numbers but himself. When he became greedy and unceremoniously pushed Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling out the front door, he immediately lost the moderate support.

If Cuccinelli had run again for attorney general or lieutenant governor supporting Bolling (with his moderate force) for governor, polling data would probably be very different. If the current trend continues, it is likely that Virginia will have a second-rate governor with little or no elective or governing experience.

Joseph Childress. Palmyra.
Saturday's letter writer responded:
I agree 100 percent with letter-writer Joseph Childress (“Cuccinelli has only himself to blame”). Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli did push Bill Bolling out the front door, as Childress wrote.

I know Bolling is not seeking a write-in, but I shall write his name in on Election Day, and I hope whoever reads this will agree and do the same.

Bolling is a fine politician, a Virginia gentleman and a true friend.

Grace T. Seat. South Boston.
There's a quiet defiance rolling through Virginia. Will it grow as Election Day approaches?

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