Monday, September 09, 2013

Break's over ... Congress returns to D.C.

They're back. Congress returns to D.C. Monday from their five-week summer break with plans to tackle a full schedule. First up is the controversial decision on whether to use military force in Syria, a subject that has divided Americans on both sides of the political aisle. Another hot-button topic is facing those who want a government shutdown in October when the new fiscal year begins. Immigration is still front-and-center and promises to cause fireworks. Other issues concern the NSA and government surveillance, gun control, voting rights, closing Guantanamo, and food stamp cuts.

From USA Today:
Congress returns today with 39 legislative days scheduled before the end of the year to debate the most consequential foreign policy vote (Syria) under President Obama, resolve pressing budget deadlines and determine whether an immigration overhaul has a fighting chance before the 2014 elections. Expectations are low for great successes in a divided institution plagued by partisan intransigence and abysmal approval ratings.
Majority Leader Eric Cantor published Monday's schedule for the House of Representatives.

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

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