Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The eve of 9/11

It's the day before September 11th. This year marks 12 years since that beautiful September day when terrorists attacked America, killing 3,000 innocent souls and destroying the Twin Towers with two jet airliners while also ramming a jet into the Pentagon and into the countryside in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

I reflect every year. This one is no different even though it's been a dozen years since that day, but it's etched in my memory ... it will not escape my mind.

It bothers me that younger generations seem to already be detached from 9/11. After only 12 years. Why aren't they being taught of that tragic event?

Please fly an American flag on Wednesday in memory of those who died and as a tribute to our military, firefighters, police officers, First Responders, and everyone else who was on the front lines, not just on 9/11 but right on through today. Fly American flags at home, work, and anywhere you can.

And please don't forget what happened that day....

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