Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Semper I"

" 'Semper I' is an old Marine Corps term applied to those few selfish careerists who place their own success ahead of their men and the well being of the Corps. Congressman John Murtha is a living example of that disgraceful term." Thus begins Marine mom Flora's post on United Conservatives.

9/11 ... "Ditto!"

CBS plans to air a 9/11 docmentary filmed by two brothers during the actual events. Some conservative Christians are voicing objections due to profanity heard on the footage ... but let's face it ... look at the circumstances! The Ward View says it better than I. All I can do is add, "Ditto!"

I don't want Jim Webb representing me in Congress!

Since the MSM has failed to dissect Jim Webb for the citizens of Virginia, The Ward View is helping to get the word out. Check out "The Anti-Jim Webb" and "Jim Webb has much to learn" as well as other postings.

Conservative bloggers unite! Time to battle the bloggers and get the real Jim Webb out there!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where is Jim Webb?

"Macaca" is all I've heard in the news lately. Talk about the MSM carrying the Democrats' water!

Where is Jim Webb during the month of August? Let's hear him answer questions about policy and issues. Will the media hold him accountable? Do pigs fly....?

NRA gets it right ... will endorse George Allen....

Check out "Sorry Webb: George Allen will get NRA endorsement" by Chris over at SpankThatDonkey. I think I'd have to cancel my NRA subscription if they had endorsed Webb!

Monday, August 28, 2006

"Goofy" polling methods? Allen-Webb race....

Don't necessarily believe the just-released Allen-Webb poll. Reilly Not O'Reilly over at Virtual Conservative has a report on the skewered methods used by Zogby to find the latest Allen-Webb poll results. Makes sense.

"Macaca" in Italian is term of endearment....

Much ado about nothing

Check out this letter to the editor in the Richmond Times-Dispatch (8/27/06) that explains "macaca" as a term of endearment in Italian.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Local Dems making apes of themselves?

There's a running commentary going on over at The Augusta Free Press blog spot about Friday's demonstration in downtown Staunton by Dems dressed as an ape, a banana, and the grim reaper ... the local lib zoo or, as some bloggers have called them, local circus freaks.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"9-11 Republicans" ... who were formerly Democrats

There are those who claim doom and gloom for Republicans in the November elections. I don't believe it. What I saw during the Bush 2004 campaign is still out there: there are people who get it! They understand that if bombs are going off around us nothing else will matter. It won't matter if we have protection for the horned owl if we don't have protection for ourselves and our children.

A good read in the Los Angeles Daily Post shows that attitude has not changed. Paul Kujawsky, author of the article, is a Democrat activist and a member of the California Democratic Party Central Committee. The article, titled "Liberal 'base' emboldens Republicans" begins with:

IN the 1960s, my sister was part of the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley. She was arrested in a civil rights sit-in. Naturally, she was a lifelong Democrat.

Today, she is a “9-11 Republican.” She is not alone.

My sister is no less committed to civil rights than before. But she believes that not being murdered by Islamist terrorists is also an important civil right. She is not sure that the Democratic Party completely agrees with her.

For 9-11 Republicans, this is the most significant political issue. The GOP “gets it,” while the Democratic Party doesn't."

Read the entire article.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

With all due respect ... shut up, Jimmy Carter!

Heard on Rush today where Jimmy Carter is at it again -- bad-mouthing the Bush Administration and America and Israel. Whatever happened to the days when former presidents stayed quietly in the background? President George H.W. Bush had manners while Bill Clinton was president ... but the good manners didn't extend to former Democrat presidents. What is it with Democrats that they can't keep their opinions to themselves??? Check out Carter's interview (and America-slamming) in der Spiegel magazine. Jimmy Carter, forgive my lack of manners but you, Sir, have forgotten yours. Shut up already!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Old Glory ... may she proudly wave....

Two American flags were anchored to an overpass in Augusta County in honor of SSgt. Herb Harman from Churchville. An attached plaque dedicated the flags to Herb and all our American heroes serving both around the world and here at home.

Photos of the flags were mailed to Herb ... and they have flown proudly for the past six months. Herb is currently home on a two-week leave from Baghdad, Iraq ... but he won't be able to see his flags in person.

Vandals took it upon themselves two weeks ago to bend the flag poles down and burn the flags.

American flags ... burned.

Too bad Herb couldn't see "his" flags before heading back to Baghdad to fight the bad guys ... you know ... the ones he's fighting so we can enjoy the freedoms we have in this country. Including the freedoms that make it possible for vandals to burn our American flag.

Old Glory ... may she proudly wave.

"Hello, Freak" ... bashing GOP volunteers....

Tolerance: The right to opinions. Liberals ... Democrats ... all those "peace and love" folks who are always professing they are tolerant of all .... they are tolerant of alternative lifestyles, illegal immigrants, world religions, and more.

But they are not tolerant of me or my beliefs. Why? Because I am conservative ... a Christian ... an American. I love and respect our military, I love my country, I respect my American flag.
These are not necessarily issues they believe in and so they hammer and mock and make fun. But they still profess that they are "tolerant."

Interesting ... their definition of "tolerant" must be similar to Bill Clinton's definition of "is."

Today I went grocery shopping in Staunton. Small-town USA. My minivan, covered with dust from a week volunteering at the Republican booth at the Augusta County Fair, was in the parking lot. When I started to load groceries in my vehicle, the dust on the tailgate had been disturbed by someone who decided to write a message. What they wrote was:

"Hello Freak."

My tailgate is a GOP political billboard. I have bumper stickers for President George W. Bush ... Senator George Allen ... Congressman Bob Goodlatte ... Delegate Chris Saxman. There's an American flag decal. The message printed in the dust was very possibly in response to my conservative GOP candidate bumper stickers.

Not only did they not practice tolerance ... they were inconsiderate enough to not practice tolerance ... on my vehicle. Say hello to this proud Republican Freak!

Monday, August 07, 2006

County Fair Time in Augusta County

It's fair time in Augusta County, Virginia ... and the Republicans will be out in force! With the help of many dedicated volunteers we have an excellent set-up with American flags, a Virginia flag, a Support the Troops flag, and candidate signs.

Thanks to all our volunteers ... you are the HEART
of the Augusta County Republican Committee!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bush Was Right ... Confessions of Three Former Terrorists

Three former terrorists tell their story....

You have got to go to and check out this post which is a video of an interview with three former terrorists who live in America, and what they have to say about radical Orthodox Muslims who are intent on destroying us. The video clip is about 16 minutes long but it is well worth watching every minutes of it.

What jumped out at me more than anything else was when these three men said, "Bush is right to take the war to their turf and not here on our turf."

These three men - Ibrahim Abdullah, Walid Shoebat, and Zak Anani - give insight into the radical terrorist mindset as they try to warn Americans to be aware that terrorists are living and training amongst us right here in our own country.

Deerborne, MI, home to one of the men, is one of the largest Muslim populations in America where 99.9% of residents are of the Muslim faith. Many plots, they say, start right there in Deerborne where Muslim leaders cultivate a collective incitement of millions of Palestenian kids, a life style of hating America that is "all over" their culture - schooling, socialization, faith. In places like Deerborne and other cells here in the U.S. Muslim children are born and raised with a hatred in their minds and hearts against Americans. The majority of Muslims, they say, support terrorist organizations.

Are we still at risk of another 9/11? Absolutely yes, and more so from "home grown" terrorists like those in Deerborne. But we must be aggressive against them because they understand the consequences of retaliation. President Bush was absolutely correct, they said, in going after terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq because the terrorists understand retaliation and will be less inclined to attack when they understand America will strike back.

These men are speaking out and, when asked why, they questioned where they would live if not in America? Radical Muslims are taking over Spain, England, other European countries, the Middle East ... and they want to be able to raise their families so if not in America -- where?

And this all didn't just begin recently. Since 1980 radical leaders have been recruiting people and money and planning attacks ... 9/11 didn't just happen but was in the planning for many years. Muslim leaders are mobilizing their youth to carry out such attacks and will do anything to destroy America and Israel. They use America as a base to raise millions of dollars to further the cause.

Their suggestion to President Bush is he should continue to hit hard and finish the job against terrorists in Iraq. They say he is standing strong and that is the thing that needs to be done against radical orthodox Muslim terrorists.

This is an eye-opening, riveting video. Please go to and watch it for yourself ... and spread the word to everyone you know who wants to live in a terrorist -free world. And, most especially, if you have a way to get anti-war liberals to watch this video, please do so. They need to see what we are up against.

Wake up, America!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!
Another night of packing care packages at T-Bone Tooter's

Another 160 care packages will be winging their way to Iraq this week. A group of Hearts volunteers met tonight to once again sort, pack, label, and box up goodies for our American heroes. This week was "Boo-Boo" week ... that is, first aid kits were put together along with snack goodies.

We worked until late but it was rewarding knowing that, once again, our guys would have a little bit of the Shenandoah Valley shipped to them while they are so far from home. Items were sorted inside the restaurant and we had an assembly line adding one of each item and ending with photos of local Support the Troops rallies to let them see that we care even against the anti-war protesters.

We are running low on supplies and we still have weeks to go for the program (which runs through September 11). It would be wonderful if folks in the community would continue to send items from the soldiers' Wish List and donations to help with shipping charges.

Hearing from our guys keeps us going. Thanks to all the Hearts volunteers -- you have hearts of gold!

For more information check

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thanks! ... email from Marcus

Received an email from Sgt. Marcus Averill of Roanoke who is currently stationed with the U.S. Army in Iraq. He was expressing his gratitude for the care packages that were sent as part of From Our Hearts out of T-Bone Tooter's restaurant in Churchville, VA. Marcus received 20 boxes of assorted goodies to distribute to his men ... goodies to remind them of home. What was sent? Homemade cookies, shaving necessities (razors, shaving gel), playing cards, junk food (Little Debbies, Vienna sausages, potted meat and other items on the soldiers' Wish List), and much more. These are our American heroes and we owe them much. It helps them realize those at home have not forgotten them and are, indeed, grateful for their service to this country. Thanks, Marcus! Our prayers are with you and all our military men and women.

Marcus wrote: I can not tell you how pleased I was to receive the "From our Hearts" boxes this month. Myself and my soldiers are very grateful. We have been in need of supplies for quite some time. Unfortunately we do not have access to a P.X. as often as others do so I am sure you can imagine how handy the shaving kits and cookie boxes were. The moral has been lifted tremendously by your generosity. It reminds my men that there are supportive, hard working Americans behind them 100% every step of the way. Once again thank you so much.
SGT Marcus R. Averill