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By Lynn R. Mitchell

This is an invitation to come over and visit us at We are a group blog with regular contributors Kurt Michael who is our managing editor, David Karaffa who is on the Augusta County Board of Supervisors, Daniel Cortez who is a distinguished Vietnam veteran and award winning writer-broadcaster, and myself. I serve as executive editor and do much of the writing and photography.

We opened up shop in April 2014 and by year's end we had published over 900 posts from the four regular contributors and our 23 guest writers who covered a wide variety of issues.

I started my SWAC Girl blog in February 2006 -- almost nine years ago -- and have been writing on an almost daily basis since. However, I find myself posting less and less at this location since starting in 2014 so we would love to see everyone head on over and check us out where I still post everything from back roads to historical sites along with coverage of political issues from veteran politicos. ... come on over and join us.