Saturday, April 06, 2013

'A Rare Collection: Lessons Learned From Dick Macksey'

 Richard Macksey's extensive book collection.

"Asking  Dick Macksey a question was like going to a fire hydrant for a glass of water."

Inside Richard Macksey's house, books are literally everywhere. The Humanities professor at Johns Hopkins University for 50 years has shared his collection of more than 70,000 volumes with students, fellow faculty, and friends over the years.

The Hopkins newsletter wrote:
Walk into a room lined floor to ceiling with well-thumbed volumes and there's a moment when you're simultaneously overwhelmed and comforted: Comforted by the thought that the answers must surely be here; overwhelmed at the notion of actually finding the answers behind all those spines.
This ten-minute video interviews Professor Macksey as well as past students. It is well worth the time investment to listen to this remarkable man.

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