Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo endorses Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor

Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo has endorsed Republican Delegate Scott Lingamfelter for lieutenant governor.

Congressman Tancredo wrote in his endorsement:
Leadership and unquestioned fidelity to the conservative movement are paramount to successful governance both in the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond. These principles are best evidenced not by a single act of fanfare, but by a continuous record of achievement.

In Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor race, one of the overriding issues is who is best to lead on the issue of combating illegal immigration. I have had the opportunity to view the competitive records of several contenders, and I keep coming back to one candidate.

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is a conservative trailblazer that has continually championed the cause of fighting illegal immigration through state contractor and private employer Everify, identifying illegal aliens that break the law, and excluding those law breakers from state tuition benefits. He will also pursue innovative legislation next session to better flag applicants for public assistance that may use a duplicate social security number – an innovative first step to combating both illegal immigration and welfare fraud with one fell swoop.

Due to his solid conservative leadership, I heartily endorse Scott Lingamfelter for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and hope that you support him on May 18th.
The Virginia Republican Convention is Saturday, May 18, in Richmond. Lingamfelter is one of seven candidates vying for the lieutenant governor candidate.

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo currently serves as chairman of Rocky Mountain Foundation, co-chairman of the anti-illegal immigration Team America PAC, and honorary chairman of Youth for Western Civilization. He speaks frequently on cable news, talk radio, and on college campuses—where his mere presence has led leftists to riot on multiple occasions. His first book, In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America’s Border and Security was published in 2006.

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