Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Afton Mountain ... the village

Courtesy of Kirchman Studio.

The decline of Afton Mountain brought about a conversation with Bob Kirchman at Kirchman Studio and The Journey blog. Putting his professional skills to work and sketching out his vision of what Afton Mountain could look like, Bob showed the possibilities of that area.

It has been interesting to hear his ideas about what could be a living, breathing village at the crossroads of I-64, the Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the entrance-way to the Shenandoah Valley.

Courtesy of Kirchman Studio.

Along with a market place, service station, and cafe, imagine the possibility of having year-round living with the convenience of a short commute to Charlottesville or Waynesboro/ Staunton by way of I-64 yet the beauty of living on the mountain. There could also be guest accommodations for the thousands of travelers who pass that way annually.

Think of the jobs that would be created during the construction phase of this vision, something that is badly needed in these difficult economic times. Waynesboro has over 11% unemployment so a project like this could provide badly needed jobs for many and be profitable for the person who owns the property.

Courtesy of Kirchman Studio.

Think of the legacy of Afton. It could return to its glory again ... a living, thriving village of homes, commerce, and tourism, a beautiful oasis in the sky.
As a go-to location for locals from both sides of the mountain, it could be the place for dinner, dessert, a romantic overnighter, or a place to watch the sunsets and the beauty of the mountains.

Courtesy of Kirchman Studio.

Another suggestion from Bob was ample snow removal equipment which would provide ready access 24/7 for residents and visitors.

Courtesy of Kirchman Studio.

Afton Mountain ... the gateway to the Shenandoah Valley ... the "Daughter of the Stars."


Anonymous said...

this is what taxes should pay for? making a place no one cares about look pretty? i thought you were for saving money.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

My dear reader, go back and see what I wrote. Nowhere did I suggest using tax dollars to pay for what should be a private enterprise. The land on Afton is privately owned and so this would be an investment of business people.

How do you know no one cares about Afton? Many have corresponded privately with me since I first wrote about this two or three years ago. I believe there is more interest than you realize and, besides, why not give it a chance to fly?

It would be nice if we could open our minds and think outside the box about the possibilities of what is naturally a beautiful area ... but the beauty is obscured by decaying buildings.

Bob Kirchman is not suggesting it has to be as he has sketched it ... but his vision opens the conversation. Development could be much less ... it could be more.

Thanks for the input.