Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Grace Karaffa, 10, petitions Augusta School Board to allow ChapStick in schools

Augusta County Supervisor David Karaffa, 30, had better watch his back. He has political competition from within the four walls of his own home. Karaffa’s ten-year-old daughter Grace petitioned the Augusta County School Board (Virginia) at their Thursday night meeting to have the school system’s ChapStick policy changed. ChapStick in Augusta County is categorized by the school system as a medication.... (continue reading here, photos)

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Unknown said...

My experience as a teacher reminds that not all the School board members and teachers are as intelligent as they think they are!
Common sense has flown out the window, along with any intelligence they may have accrued whilst growing up!
I side with the young lady and her Dad.
I hope that the suit which follows, teaches you some humility!