Tuesday, March 10, 2009

News Leader editorial misses the mark

The Staunton News Leader is certainly covering the water front today on the real estate assessment issue in Augusta County. Some thoughts....

A column by Churchville attorney Francis Chester, County reassessments topic of public meeting, lays out the information and reasoning behind challenging the Augusta County Board of Supervisors. He tells why "We the People" must be vigilent with those who represent us.

A letter to the editor from a gentleman in Stuarts Draft (whom I do not know) was in favor of rolling assessments back to 2005.

An editorial cartoon by McCloskey is unfair and plays on people's fears.

With all due respect, an editorial titled Tax Revolt? by the NL editorial board is inaccurate and spreads the wrong message. After getting the name of the group wrong ... it is the Augusta Citizens Against Unfair Assessments (not "coalition" -- I think there is a difference), they go on to suggest the message to county residents is to not pay their taxes.


At no time in any size, shape, or form has anyone involved in standing up to the supervisors ever -- ever -- suggested citizens not pay their taxes.

No one is opposed to taxes -- they are a necessary part of life. However, fair representation and responsible spending are part of the job of the elected officials who are stewarts of our money.

Tomorrow. March 11. 7 pm. Augusta County Supervisors Meeting at the Government Center in Verona. This is the opportunity to speak up and speak out.

Together, Augusta ... we can make a difference!

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Alton Foley said...

There are some questions, Lynne, that need to be asked at your BOS meeting tomorrow.

Read this first; Don't blame your assessor...