Friday, April 05, 2013

Governor McDonnell addresses UVA students Friday night

Governor Bob McDonnell was in Charlottesville Friday evening as the special speaker for the 2013 Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy Graduate Council Class at the University of Virginia.

Emily Hutt, a reporter with the Cavalier Daily, wrote:
McDonnell advised students on how to establish a foundation for a successful organization, saying success in any field – including business or politics – requires leaders to exercise humility. “Every organization is going to have some talented people in there that are going to get some big things done,” McDonnell said. “But what direction the organization is going to take is determined by organization, strategy, and what leaders [are] at the top.”
The Governor encouraged students to reach for the sky, according to Ms. Hutt, who concluded by noting:
McDonnell concluded by advising students to “dream big” and take advantage of available opportunities. “Do not let anybody put limits on you and tell you there are things you cannot do,” McDonnell said. “There’s this idea that if you work hard and use your God-given talents…the sky’s the limit. In America, we don’t believe in limits.”

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