Thursday, April 22, 2010

George Allen: "Perhaps."

When asked at Wednesday's Shad Planking if he was planning to run again for public office, former Virginia Governor George Allen's response was, "Perhaps."

He was the keynote speaker at the Wakefield Ruritan Club's annual gathering of politicos in the piney woods of Isle of Wight County where beer flowed freely and speechifying was the sport of the day.

A drizzly day as well as a special session in Richmond of the General Assembly squashed turnout. But the 1,200 who attended were full of the spirit of the day, and George Allen was hitting all the issues important to Americans. As reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch:
[Allen] said Americans are "disturbed and dismayed with a disconnected, out-of-touch government that seems to be against us." He said more Americans need to find work -- "the best social program is a job" -- and spoke of the need for energy independence and controls on spending to ensure the American dream.

"We need to rein in surging spending and skyrocketing indebtedness," Allen told the crowd. "New and higher taxes are not the answer."
The prediction of many is that we will see more of George Allen ... much more. Can anyone say, "2012"?


Tom White said...

I asked Governor Allen that same question last Labor Day weekend out on the Eastern Shore.

I got the same answer then. "Perhaps". So, he has been thinking "perhaps" for over 7 months now.

I am ready for a "yes", which we all know (and hope) will be forthcoming.

I would also support Susan should she decide to run. This is one smart lady. I have listened to her speak a number of times and am always impressed.

But George Allen 2.0? You betcha'!

SouthsideCentral said...

Goerge Allen's a smart man & politician. He knows that if he runs and loses again, two whammies will put him out of the political game forever.

He's going to run for some office again at some time in his life, but is he willing to risk political elimination by running in 2012?