Thursday, January 24, 2008

George Mason University College Republican Blog

Matthew DeLeon, who blogged at The Young Reaganite, has now helped organize and is writing at the George Mason University College Republican blog.

On his blog, Matthew wrote:
Hey guys, i want to thank all of for reading and keeping up with the Young Reaganite. As of late I have started writing for the George Mason College Republican Blog. I am the creator and lead blogger of that blog as well. Because of that, I am going to stop writing on this blog for the time being and focus my efforts into the GMU College Republican Blog.

The goals of that blog are the same as this one, the dedication to freedom and conservatism.

You can visit the GMU CR blog at

I hope you cane enjoy the GMUCR blog like you enjoy the Young Reaganite.
Thank you all and God Bless

Matthew DeLeon
If you get a chance drop by to check out what's going on at the GMU blog and support our young Republicans who are the future of our Party. You may also want to check out the College Republican Federation of Virginia Blog. Thanks to all our CRs for the hard work they do to advance the principles of the Republican Party.

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