Friday, January 25, 2008

Mitt Romney team gearing up for Virginia primary on Feb. 12

Bill Bolling, Virginia State Chairman of the Mitt Romney campaign, is gearing up his team for the Virginia primary to be held Tuesday, February 12. After last night's Florida debate the following was sent out by Randy Marcus, Romney Virginia State Director:
In tonight’s debate, Governor Romney again showed voters why he is the only full-spectrum conservative Republican who can bring together the Reagan coalition of economic, social and foreign policy conservatives to bring real change to Washington.

Please take a minute to visit our Debate Central page where you can view highlights and commentary on the debate.

While the polls show a close race in Florida, Governor Romney clearly has the momentum in this campaign and is poised for a strong showing on Tuesday.

However, to guarantee the campaign’s success in Florida, we need the help of our Virginia volunteers today.

Below is information on our innovative “Call At Home” program, which allows you to call targeted Florida Republicans and encourage them to vote for Governor Romney on Tuesday – all from the comfort of your own home.

Through this program, hundreds of Virginians have made thousands of calls in NH, MI and NV to help GOTV for Governor Romney. Now, we need your help Friday-Monday to help make calls into Florida.

Governor Romney has the momentum nationally and in Florida, but it extends to our campaign here in Virginia.

Today, Morton Blackwell, the Virginia Republican National Committeeman and President of the conservative Leadership Institute, announced his endorsement of Governor Romney.

Mr. Blackwell is an iconic conservative leader both nationally and in Virginia. He has been a leader in the conservative movement for more than four decades and we are truly honored to have him a part of our Virginia Team.

Additionally, since Senator Thompson withdrew on Tuesday, I have personally received hundreds of emails from people who have enlisted to join the Virginia Team Romney. (Note to new supporters: If I haven’t responded to your question, be patient. I’m just digging out from all of the emails!)

Friends, each day, with the help of volunteers and supporters like you, Governor Romney gets closer to securing our party’s nomination and winning the White House.

However, we need your help with the “Call At Home” program and to continue to recruit new supporters and volunteers to the Virginia Team Romney.

I will be in touch in the coming days with more ways you can help in Virginia. Thank you again for all of your support.

Onward to Victory!
The field is narrowing....

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