Monday, January 28, 2008

Inside the State of the Union Address

The 2008 State of the Union Policy Initiatives book including all of the State of the Union fact sheets is now available on the White House website in PDF format.

The State of the Union fact sheets are also available individually by topic in HTML format:

ECONOMY: Keeping Our Economy Healthy
BUDGET: Staying On Track To A Balanced Budget By 2012
NATIONAL SECURITY: Giving Our National Security Professionals Tools They Need To Protect America
IRAQ: Continued Progress In Iraq Allows "Return On Success"
GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR: Keeping America Safe By Fostering The Freedom Agenda
VETERANS: Supporting Our Nation's Troops And Their Families
NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND: Expanding Opportunity Under No Child Left Behind
EDUCATION: Empowering Parents With More Choices For Their Children's Education
FREE TRADE: Opening New Markets And Expanding Opportunities Through Free Trade
ENERGY: Increasing Our Energy Security And Confronting Climate Change
HEALTH CARE: Empowering Americans With Affordable Options For Health Care
STEM CELL RESEARCH: Increasing Federal Support For Ethical Stem Cell Research
FAITH-BASED INITIATIVES: Helping Those In Need Through The Faith-Based And Community Initiative
IMMIGRATION: Improving Border Security And Immigration
COMPASSION: Advancing An Agenda Of Compassion Worldwide

Watch tonight at 9:00 on Fox News Channel.


Isophorone said...

I watched, and got my seven-year-old to do so as well!

SWAC Girl said...

Ron, your seven-year-old is one of the future voters and leaders in this country. I'm impressed that he watched. It was good and we taped it for our archives ... President Bush's last SOTU address.

Your seven-year-old should get an "A" in American politics. :)