Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Saxman Family ... 2008

It came in the mail Wednesday ... the annual New Year's card from Delegate Chris Saxman and his family.

The front of the card features a great photo of the family in the kitchen of their home, all smiling for the camera as they are gathered behind the counter with what looks to be freshly baked cinnamon buns in front of them.

Chris is wearing a cook's apron -- yes, he loves to cook -- as he holds youngest child John. His wife Michele, son William, and daughters Mary Kathryn and Nora, flank Chris.

The front of the card says, "2008 ... The Saxman Family."

Inside are greetings:
Wishing your family a healthy and prosperous New Year. From our kitchen table to yours."
Flip the card over ... and we see the real Saxman family! The cinnamon buns are still dough in a bowl waiting to be made with a container of cinnamon beside it ... various kitchen utensils including a rolling pin, measuring cup and spoons are on the counter ... Chris and Michele are still all smiles.

The kids are what make this photo unique as the three older ones make funny faces at the camera. I've seen those faces before! It is hilarious and it is the Saxman family.

I look forward each year to the Saxmans' card because it is always unique. Here's wishing them a Happy New Year and many thanks for Chris' representation as my delegate in the House of Representatives in Richmond.

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GOP Rock said...

I am so proud to have Chris as my representative in Richmond.