Sunday, January 27, 2008

George W. Bush: "Fighting to the Finish"

Fox News special to air at 8:00 ET tonight on even of State of the Union Speech

President George W. Bush is my hero. This Fox News documentary is a keeper, one to tape and watch in years to come, of a President who is down-to-earth, caring, sincere, humorous with a dry wit, and who has continued to lead under the crushing pressure of Bush-hating liberals who have never let up or listened with an unbiased ear during the seven years of his Presidency.

Now he is in the final year of his Presidency and many, like myself, are grateful to this wartime President who, after having our country attacked seven months into his term on 9/11/01, has kept us safe from the terrorism that has affected the rest of the world.

Fox News' Bret Baier (wasn't he affectionately called the "Chad Lad" in Florida during the 2000 after-election debacle?) spent an unprecedented amount of time with the President on Air Force One, at his Texas office, and being driven around the ranch by the President.

From the Fox News website:
FOX News' Bret Baier was granted unprecedented access by George W. Bush as the president begins the final year of his extraordinarily consequential tenure.

This historic documentary — shot in high definition — takes you inside the Oval Office, to the president's Texas ranch, aboard Air Force One and into his private sanctums in the White House residence.

In a series of no-holds-barred interviews, the president talks openly of his aim to consolidate his mark on history, his "Freedom Agenda," the failure to catch Usama bin Laden, the role faith has played in his presidency and how he was inspired by the writings and deeds of Abraham Lincoln.
It's an unflinching, fair and balanced look at the nation's 43rd president — only on FOX News Channel.
My family will be watching this special about President George W. Bush ... a man we all admire and respect.

- Go behind the scenes with the President at his Crawford ranch
- President Bush walks in footsteps past presidents on a White House tour
- Laura Bush talks about her conservation project


Anonymous said...

Lemming Girl,

You have not even seen the thing and you are praising it?

Anonymous said...

hey=] I completely agree w/ ya!
Pres Bush is my hero too..Im gonna buy the DVD=]

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Anonymous 7:31, I had seen enough out-takes on Fox News as they built up for the documentary to know it was going to be good. Hope you got a chance to see it!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Anonymous 4:39, we taped it but may buy the DVD, too. It will go in our George W. Bush archives.