Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the Union Address ... some thoughts about the evening

I watched intently last night as President George W. Bush delivered his last State of the Union address. Some thoughts about the night....

First Lady Laura Bush and daughters Jenna and Barbara were together for this historical event, watching the President -- husband and dad -- deliver the SOTU address one last time.

Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice was on the front row. Her leadership skills have been attacked by the libs but she is smart, articulate, and has proven to be a loyal member of the President's cabinet. "Loyal" in politics is rare; in D.C. it's practically unheard of.

I saw 6th District Congressman Bob Goodlatte as well as Senator John Warner ... and I think I spied 7th District Congressman Eric Cantor. Other familiar faces were seen throughout the crowd.

On the Dem side of the aisle it was interesting to see presidential candidate Barack Obama seated near the front with Senator Ted Kennedy who had endorsed Obama earlier in the day. They were laughing and talking with one another before the President's arrival.

Meanwhile, toward the back of the crowd was Senator Hillary Clinton who had been knifed in the back earlier in the day by the Kennedy Clan. The Kennedys' timing was impeccable: they were able to steal some of the President's thunder as he prepared to address the nation and neutralize Hillary just in time to be on TV for the SOTU. She did not look happy ... the few times the camera went onto her she was not smiling.

In my humble opinion, there is change in the air all right in the Democrat Party. Yesterday's snub by the Kennedys to the Clintons, you can bet, was intentional and well planned. Bill Clinton, who should have stayed retired, has tarnished his image as a well-liked president. Hillary's years of demanding behavior seem to be catching up with her.

What an interesting presidential election year. Where is George Allen when you need him?


michael said...

Hillary probably didn't look happy because she had to listen to dubya talk for over an hour.

Enough to put anyone in a rotten mood.

SWAC Girl said...

Yes, Michael, because we know she wouldn't look unhappy just having been betrayed by the Kennedy Clan earlier in the day when they endorsed Barack Obama ... and she wouldn't look unhappy as she sat there watching Obama and Ted Kennedy together at the SOTU address.

And she probably wouldn't look unhappy even as many of the dem heavy-hitters jumped onto the Obama bandwagon....