Friday, November 14, 2008

Augusta Water Cooler on BlogTalkRadio ... today's guest is SWAC Girl

The SWAC corner of the blogosphere is entering a new realm as local blogger Jason Bibeau explores the world of BlogTalkRadio. His Augusta Water Cooler talk show hit the air this week with the inaugural show originally broadcasted on Wednesday.

He kicked off the first show with Neil Diamond's They're Coming To America and then offered the "inaugural brain droppings of a conservative blogger" ... fifteen minutes of conservative thoughts and commentary from Jason himself. His topics of interest included the Second Amendment and Barack Obama's record on gun ownership as well as a look back at the 2008 election.

Today he will present the second broadcast, and I have the honor of being his guest. The subject will be blogging as two political junkies sit down together and talk. The show link will be provided when available.

Jim Hoeft at Bearing Drift has been doing something like this for a couple of years but it is new to us so who knows what will come out of this show? And who knows where it will lead in the SWAC area. Today ... 1 pm ... should be fun!

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