Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sarah Palin called Glenn Beck for an interview....

Glenn Beck, the newest member of the Fox News Channel family, was on Fox and Friends this morning talking about a phone call he received from Sarah Palin during the campaign. It turned out she had wanted to be on his show but the handlers would not book her ... so she finally called and booked herself.

The layers of staffers in politics apparently is stifling to someone like Sarah Palin who has streamlined government in Alaska and has tried to get back to basics. That is Alaska and is what is so refreshing about that land to the north. My experience there included truthful people who were down-to-earth and not bogged down in the material quicksand of the Lower 48. They were common sense folks who knew how to take care of themselves in rugged Alaska.

We complain about the bureaucracy in government ... but do we do anything about it? It is past time to get back to basics ... and Sarah has begun, much to the chagrin of those benefitting from the layers of bureaucracy.

Glenn Beck will begin appearing on a regular basis on Fox News in January.

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Unknown said...

That's good news about Glenn Beck.