Wednesday, January 19, 2011

House Democrats against Va's "right to work" laws?

From Republican Party of Virginia....

Del. Ward Armstrong, House Democrats Vote Against Protecting Virginia's 'Right to Work' Laws
--  Resolution would bolster Virginia's reputation as a business-friendly state --

The number one issue facing Virginia families is jobs and the economy, and it should be incumbent upon our leaders to help find ways to attract new jobs to the Commonwealth and strengthen our economy. 

Yet, when it comes time to stand up and help attract jobs, it is surprising that some in the General Assembly would rather please certain segments of their base, than to provide jobs for thousands of Virginians by simply strengthening an existing law. 

 Some Virginia Democrats don't seem to be getting the message.

On Tuesday, all but two Democrats in the House of Delegates followed their leader, Del. Ward Armstrong, D-Henry County, and voted against House Joint Resolution 500. The resolution would begin the process of including Virginia's 'Right to Work' laws in the Constitution - making Virginia's position as a business-friendly state even stronger.

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement on the Del. Armstrong's inexplicable vote against HJR 500:

"I find it hard to believe that a member of the General Assembly from Southside would have anything negative to say about legislation that could help the Commonwealth attract more jobs.

Our Right to Work laws are a major competitive advantage for the Commonwealth. Putting them into the Constitution will send a signal to potential employers that Virginia's labor policies won't turn on a dime after an election.

Unemployment in Henry County is above 13 percent. Unemployment in Martinsville is over 19 percent. Yet Democrat leader Ward Armstrong, who represents both localities, did more than just say bad things about such a bill. Ward led all but two of his Democrat colleagues to vote against additional protections for Virginia's Right to Work laws.
Yet Del. Armstrong seems more intent on impressing potential "statewide" voters from Democratic strongholds outside of his district than helping the people of Martinsville and Henry County get the jobs they desperately need. The people of Southside deserve better."

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