Monday, January 31, 2011

Washington Examiner's Monday editorial headlines

Government 'investment' doesn't create jobs, the private sector does
Examiner Editorial

"The reality is that every dollar spent by government is one less that is available for the private sector to invest in new businesses and technologies that spur the creation of permanent jobs. Indeed, if increased government spending were the solution to high unemployment, the U.S. economy would now be short of workers."

'Green Chemistry' is California's new job-killer
Hugh Hewitt, Examiner Columnist

"Just like 'global warming' and 'clean energy,' 'green chemistry' is a phrase containing worlds within it, almost all of them dangerous or downright deadly to market-driven innovation and productivity."

Nothing but hot air in 'Gasland'
Mark Hemingway, Examiner Columnist

"After watching 'Gasland,' John Hanger, head of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, called the film 'fundamentally dishonest' and 'a deliberately false presentation for dramatic effect.'"

We're ignoring China's military buildup at our own peril
James Jay Carafano, Examiner Columnist

"China may have one of the world's largest economies -- but free it is not. Starting some eight years ago, the People's Republic of China reversed the slow but steady market-oriented reforms inaugurated in late 1978."

Schools commit fraud by failing to educate students
Gregory Kane, Examiner Columnist

"I believe citizens should make school systems accountable for doing what they're supposed to do, educate. If the schools don't do that, then they not only haven't done their jobs, but they've also committed blatant fraud."

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