Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Hello from Juneau" ... dispatches from Alaska

From that great expanse of land to our north, SWAC area friends continue their trip across Alaska, sending dispatches with exciting news about the places they've visited. After driving cross-country to Washington, they boarded a ferry that took them to Ketchikan and, after a few days there, they are now in Juneau.

I don't think they would mind if I shared a bit of the latest news that was in my email this morning:
Thirty minutes out of Ketchikan yesterday we had to turn back because one of the crew had a minor medical emergency. The ambulance was waiting for us, so we had 1 1/2 hr. delay but still got to Juneau early. Those diesels engines made up good time. This ferry was smaller but still had all that the bigger one offers. We liked it better -- less people and decks to get lost on.

Ketchikan is a small town nestled between the water and mountains. Industry is tourism and fishing, and 3 trillion boats and sea planes are here, I believe! We had 3 delightful warm sunny days which they tell us is not normal.

We hiked in the rain forest, walked 3 miles out to the Totem Center, caught bus back, did the fjords tour that we already had planned. We stayed in the historic district along a white water creek, watched salmon making their way up stream to spawn, 4 harbor seals trying to catch them. It runs through town so we walked a lot beside it.

Our hotel was old but quaint, period furnishings, nice linens and clean, nestled up against a big hill and had 2 small court yards. We enjoyed it a lot. Our front windows overlooked the harbor. We watched guys catching those salmon and we could lie in bed and watch the fish jump, schools of them -- fun to watch. Also had 2 eagles that came every evening. Around the corner from our hotel, Creek Street, was a street of brothels from the early 1900's until the fifties. Hey, there weren't any women up here. A guy's got to have some fun, for 2 bits, high price since they only made 53 cents an hour. LOL.

Tomorrow we start our Juneau walkabout to see what's here. Looks nice so far. Having a great experience learning about our 50th state or is the 57th, like O, tired -- can't remember.
God speed as they continue their journey.

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