Thursday, July 15, 2010

The mystery of Blog Net News' disappearance

Tuesday afternoon a flurry of emails circulated the Virginia blogosphere with the question: "What's happened to Blog Net News?"

I had been busy that day and was not aware it was down until reading the emails. A quick check confirmed that it was gone ... but was it temporary or permanent? Apparently someone had been in contact with Dave Mastio, owner of BNN, and indicated it would not be back anytime soon.

BNN's blogger headlines have been a part of the Virginia blogosphere for almost four years. Suddenly, the window into a community of fellow bloggers was darkened.

Until (if?) BNN gets up and going again, the Old Dominion Blogs aggregator hosted by Virginia Right! blogger Tom White is taking up the slack. ODB has been in place for about a month so now it's just a matter of getting the word out.

Old Dominion Blogs aggregator ... the headlines are back. Thanks, Tom.

Update: Dave Mastio, BNN owner, posted on Facebook that BNN was gone apparently because of the dismal financial atmosphere. My thanks to Dave for a service many appreciated throughout the years.

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