Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Saw you in the parade...."

Staunton's 4th of July parade was fun for two dozen Republicans who accompanied the Staunton GOP float around Gypsy Hill Park, waving to crowds of people ... thousands who lined the two-mile route to watch and celebrate America's birthday.

Along the way, I saw our pastor enjoying the parade with friends and called out his name, waving as we passed. He's there every year.

Today we received a note in the mail from him, something he does frequently with church folks, noting Bible verses or a thought or passing along a prayer. At the bottom of today's letter was a handwritten message: "Saw you in the parade." I laughed.

His mailed message today was simple: "Said this prayer for you and me ...
Father, when You are with me, I am stronger. When You guide me, my way is sure. Once again, I need Your presence and direction. Surround me with Your love. Speak to my heart. I come to You. Amen."
My prayer for our pastor ... thank you for being a guiding light and always being there for many who seek your help, and for reminding us that "the Lord of Life is the comfort and hope for you and me." Amen.

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