Friday, May 29, 2009

30+ bloggers to cover VA GOP Convention

With over 30 bloggers signed up to cover the Virginia Republican Convention this weekend, there should not be a second that goes undocumented. Mix into that the dozens of mainstream media also signed up to join in the reporting, and that makes for a lot of news coming out of the Richmond Coliseum.

Everything is set up and ready to go. There is an excitement in the air as well as uncertainty as a rumor circulates of battles on the floor of the convention for rules changes and maybe other upsets. We will know when the Convention officially convenes this afternoon at 2:00.

Meanwhile, watch for coverage from numerous Virginia bloggers including:

- The Bearing Drift team of Jim Hoeft, Jason Kenney, Jane Dudley, Brian Kirwin, Shaun Kenney, Amit Singh, DCH, and Georgie Gale
- The Lee Brothers from WRVA 1140 radio
- Too Conservative's four contributors including Vince Harris
- Family Foundation
- Spark It Up!!
- At the Point of a Gun
- With Bias
- Spank That Donkey
- Crystal Clear Conservative
- J's Notes
- Right-Wing Liberal
- Black Velvet Bruce Li
- Red NOVA
- I'm Not Emeril
- Sincere Thoughts
- Im Surrounded by Idiots
- Yankee Phil
- SWAC Girl

The Republican Party's New Media Committee has worked hard to make this the most accessible convention ever in Republican history so everyone can join in the action, either in person or from outside the venue.

Sean Hannity, conservative radio talk show host and Fox News personality, will open Saturday's session with rousing remarks that are sure to have the crowd on their feet. Everyone I know is planning to be there in plenty of time to hear him speak shortly after 10:00 am.

Virginia Republican Convention 2009 ... all the action begins at 2:00 this afternoon. Let the Party begin!

Together, Virginia Republicans ... we can make a difference!

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Cargosquid said...

I'll be there too, as a delegate. UCV will be covering it. But I have to blog after the fact due to no laptop. I'm SO 20th century! I even have a rotary dial on my cell phone...