Wednesday, May 20, 2009

THE GOVERNMENT does not reward responsible spending

As if THE GOVERNMENT has not caused enough damage already ... now THE GOVERNMENT is legislating what credit card companies can and cannot do ... and they are punishing responsible spenders who pay on time. Leslie Carbone has the latest.

THE GOVERNMENT is telling us that personal responsibility is not necessary because THE GOVERNMENT will be there to take care of us.

Don't quit your day job....

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Mason said...

Now hang on. I don't agree with everything in the bill, but I was SHOCKED when I learned that it was legal for my credit card company to perform retroactive rate increases on me - charging me interest on debts already repaid. That should have been outlawed in 1781 and left that way. Card companies have apparently been doing that to responsible lenders and irresponsible alike. Fixing that glaring lack of consumer protection is enough to earn my support for the whole bill.