Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bloggers Row packed as convention continues

We are making history today during the Republican Party of Virginia convention as 30+ bloggers are on Bloggers Row covering the speakers, the delegates, and anything else that occurs today. The house is packed as Bob McDonnell gives his Governor's speech. Bloggers are catching it with cameras, tweets, texts, and blogs ... check out these:

- Too Conservative
- Bearing Drift
- Project Virginia
- I'm Not Emeril
- Shaun Kenney
- Jason Kenney
- Spank That Donkey
- Spark It Up!!
- Black Velvet Bruce Li
- Yankee Phil
- Right-Wing Liberal
- At the Point of a Gun
- Family Foundation
- Rick Sincere
- Red NOVA
- I'm Surrounded by Idiots
- Crystal Clear Conservative
- United Conservatives of Virginia
- With Bias / Smart Girl Politics
- Virginia Conservative
- SWAC Girl

They are covering with photos, blogs, video, live streaming, and texting. We thank the new media talent within the Virginia Republicans for their time and energy as the New Media Committee worked for weeks preparing for this convention.

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