Monday, May 25, 2009

Is DC getting the message over "tax-and-spend" outrage?

Property tax revolts in Augusta County, other Virginia counties, and other states ... nationwide tea parties protesting rising taxes ... California voters soundly defeating new taxes even in the face of bankruptcy.

Is D.C. getting the message over "tax-and-spend" outrage?

Apparently not.

The Obama administration is drunk with power and out of control even as the anger over higher taxes is going national. A fawning media give a pass as the country sinks deeper into debt.

Neil Cavuto's Friday "Common Sense" makes much sense in the face of a White House that is gobbling up auto companies, banks, and directing cred card companies in what they can and cannot do:
My boss has a great line that I’ve often repeated and just love: We all live in our own heads.

But with respect to my boss, it just seems in Washington, their heads are lodged in a very dark place — no need to be graphic, but time to get real.

Because what else could explain a nation's capital that totally ignores the revolution unfolding in California’s capital? Where they're cutting spending like crazy after voters in that state went crazy and told them to stop spending, stop taxing, stop playing the same old games.

But looking around in Washington, nothing's stopped. Not the taxing, or the spending, or the ignoring, or the thinking, "We know better than our clueless subjects know."

So they merrily go on thinking in their heads that they're doing just fine. Clinging to election results from half a year ago. And insisting they've got a mandate — totally ignoring election results in California half a week ago and forgetting what they've got now is a manhole... and they're sinking into it.

It's one thing to be half-baked. But another to push spending that's proven half-ass.

But you wouldn't know that, would you, Washington? Your big head just doesn't fathom half-ass. No wonder. It's not that your head can't see it. The darn thing's just wedged too far up it.
Neil Cavuto, Fox News Channel's business guru, is a man who is measured in his blame ... and, thus, his words carry even more weight.

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