Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When the auto industry is down ... kick them again

I am shaking my head this morning reading about the new auto emission requirements imposed by THE GOVERNMENT on struggling auto industries that have been taken over by THE GOVERNMENT.

At a time when Americans are financially struggling in the wake of lost jobs and higher taxes, THE GOVERNMENT has decided to burden companies that are already down by kicking them again.

As with most environmental "improvements," the increased cost will be passed on to consumers:
But cars will be more expensive because of the new regulations by up to 600 dollars per vehicle, above the 700 dollar price hike expected with the latest Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) rules already passed by Congress.
That's $1,300 added to the cost of vehicles that will be passed on to consumers because of requirements by THE GOVERNMENT.

Check out Dan Spencer's post at RedState ... Automakers succumb - embrace tougher emissions and mileage standards ... where he expands on this subject.

Mike puts a slightly different spin on it.

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Dave said...

Total nonsense ! Also, I guess since two of the big three are owned by the government, there is little desire for the auto industry to make a profit. So, I guess taxapayers will be paying for the Union worker's high wages for a long time to come.