Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009 ... Home school friends, cookout, military family

Driveway to friends' home disappears into the trees...

Looking toward the Alleghanies ...

Rain clouds over the Alleghanies.

Memorial Day 2009 began with a ceremony in Staunton's Gypsy Hill Park with the Veterans of Foreign War and American Legion honoring America's heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Memorial Day 2009 ended with a cookout surrounded by home school friends hosted by one family whose Marine son, Nate, is currently on his second deployment to Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The blessing before the meal expressed thankfulness for good friends and the opportunity to fellowship together ... and thankfulness for our troops who protect America's freedoms.

There was an abundance of young people home from college or off from work for the day, food brought by all the families, games, and conversation. Even when the rain moved in, it didn't dampen the gathering of friends.

Memorial Day 2009. We in America ... are blessed.


Phil said...

that there one of those Depression gardens?

SWAC Girl said...

LOL. Not a Victory garden but a flower/herb garden. They finally gave up on vegetables because of the numerous deer in the western part of Augusta County.