Sunday, May 24, 2009

9/11 documentaries on National Geographic

"Osama bin Laden declared a war with no front lines,
no uniforms, and no mercy."
-- "Inside 9/11: War on America" documentary

The series of 9/11 documentaries are being shown on the National Geographic Channel tonight. Beginning at 7 pm was "Inside 9/11: War on America," to be followed at 9 pm with "Inside 9/11: Zero Hour" which will repeat again at midnight.

If documentaries and film footage of 9/11 were shown on a regular basis, would more Americans and students be aware of the danger?

On this Memorial Day, it's a somber reminder of the military members we have lost in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's a reminder to pause and be thankful to those who died to preserve our freedoms ... and to their families who were left behind.

It's also a somber reminder of the police officer and firemen who sacrificed their lives especially in New York when the World Trade Centers were hit. Heroes were born that day.

9/11 ... may we never forget.

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