Friday, July 29, 2011

Bearing Drift's JR Hoeft post hits multiple news outlets

Jim Hoeft, proprietor at Virginia's Bearing Drift blog, wrote a post on Tuesday titled Romney-McDonnell 2012? In it, he noted that former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney headlined a fundraiser in Virginia Beach on Monday.

JR picked up on a comment from Romney, who is currently considered at the head of the GOP pack:
"Romney said that McDonnell has been an 'incredible governor' and will be on 'any candidate’s short-list' for Vice President."
Which helped lead to the question of a possible Romney-McDonnell ticket in 2012.

The news outlets jumped on it and have been running with JR's supposition ever since with multiple links to Bearing Drift from nationwide sources.

Some of the news links to Bearing Drift:

Fox DC
The Fix at The Washington Post
Business Insider
Briefly on but not there anymore.
The Atlantic Wire
Political Wire 
NY Post  
Yahoo!News Hot Air 
Real Clear Politics (second link under Election 2012)
Huffington Post 
From Memeorandum:

JR Hoeft / Bearing Drift:
Romney-McDonnell 2012?  —  Former Massachussets governor …

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