Thursday, July 07, 2011

George W. Bush honored with statue in Albanian town

The Albanian people love President George W. Bush and have now shown that respect and gratitude with a statue of the 43rd American President in a village square that is named for him.

Bush was the first American president to visit a post-Communist Albania and, thus, the celebration as reported in Reuters:
"Albanians' pro-Americanism has its roots in our attempts... to build our deserved future as a free nation, as a free country," Prime Minister Sali Berisha told the crowd.
Reuters goes on:
Albanians have a special affection for the United States, which they credit with ending their country's Cold War isolation and leading NATO's 1999 bombing offensive that halted ethnic cleansing of Kosovo Albanians by Serbian troops.
It's nice to see the former President shown the respect he deserves.

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