Friday, July 08, 2011

Eric Cantor responds to June unemployment report

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement on the national jobs report for June:

“This is a very disappointing jobs report and reinforces that the economy and job growth must be our top priority. These numbers serve as a warning that as we address the debt limit increase we shouldn’t do so in a way that raises taxes and impedes the ability of small businesses to create jobs and get people back to work.

"Economic growth and job creation must remain the top priority for this Congress. Small businesses and job creators face tremendous economic uncertainty from the onslaught of new regulations, the threat of higher taxes, and skyrocketing gas prices, which is making it harder for businesses to hire and preventing capital investment. Over the last two years, Democrats have hindered real economic growth by trying to spend and regulate their way to growth, but all that has resulted in is unemployment over 8.5 percent for 28 consecutive months, and a national debt over $14 trillion. Yet even as he is requesting a debt limit increase, President Obama nor his party have offered a concrete plan to manage down the debt, grow the economy or create jobs. And in an affront to basic economic sensibilities, they continue to insist on raising taxes on working families and small businesses who we are counting on to create jobs. Let me be clear, Republicans will not agree to tax increases. Period.

“Since day one, House Republicans have been laser focused on boosting economic growth and getting people back to work. We have offered a robust jobs plan that will spur growth in the private sector by making our tax code more competitive, removing harmful regulations, passing free trade agreements, and streamlining the patent system. We are serious about getting Washington out of the way of businesses and fostering an environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs and grow this economy. It is time for Washington Democrats to stop playing political games and join us on common sense measures to get people back to work.”

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