Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A George W. Bush Republican

President George W. Bush on Air Force One, 9/11/2001.

The front page of the Washington Post has a story about former President George W. Bush with the well-known photo from 9/11/2001 aboard Air Force One, after America had been attacked by Muslim terrorists, on his way from Florida back to Washington, D.C. It is one of my favorite photos of W who became a wartime president in the first year of his administration. His common sense bipartisan leadership is a template for Republicans especially in the partisan-charged atmosphere of current politics.

George W. Bush's leadership comes in many forms ... determined, compassionate, principled, humble, witty, pragmatic, optimistic, persistent, gracious, honest, intelligent, likeable, down-to-earth, inclusive, willingness to make the tough decisions and accept the blow-back without blaming others, and a trait rarely seen in politics -- loyalty.

He had a vision for America. He never apologized for America. He didn't do all the talking ... he listened. He didn't trash people in public dialogue. President Bush didn't just talk diversity ... he practiced it with great leaders like Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice.

He made a promise after 9/11 to protect the Homeland. He kept America safe. His deep respect for military members and their families continues to this day, giving back privately in ways the public is unaware of.

I'm proud to identify myself as a George W. Bush Republican.

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