Friday, November 22, 2013

Jennifer Rubin: 'What about Jeb?'

He's known as the other Bush brother, the one who originally was expected to run for president before his older brother found himself in the right place at the right time. Both governors with the experience from that executive position, Jeb's name has been tossed around for a while as someone to run for president.

However, general sentiment seemed to be that the country had soured on the Bush name. Father George H.W. as president 41, and brother George W. as president 43. Would America really want a Bush president 46?

With the passing of time and circumstances, the time may be right, and the Washington Post's opinion writer Jennifer Rubin agrees. In her post earlier this week -- "What about Jeb?" -- she made a notable argument in Jeb's favor:
George W. Bush has bounced back in popularity, and if the Dems can run a Clinton there is no reason the GOP can’t run a Bush. Besides, experienced leadership may be in style after we survive the next three years. And to boot, GOP governors are looking like the party’s saviors these days. Moreover, the passage of time has allowed certain issue to fade and others to resolve themselves (e.g. the Bush tax cuts). Jeb Bush understandably can say “times have changed” if he chooses not to adopt a position his brother took sixteen years ago. (Yes, it’ll be 16 years between 43′s presidential run and when Republicans again start trudging through Iowa and New Hampshire.)
I have no idea if he will run. But I am more convinced that he could and should. He’s got a lot to tell the GOP voters.
Run, Jeb, run. He may find he has more supporters than he realizes.

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