Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lt. Governor Bolling congratulates Terry McAuliffe; urges GOP to look at its future

On Tuesday night, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling issued the following statement on the 2013 election results:
“The 2013 campaigns have come to an end, and the people of Virginia have chosen their leaders for the next four years. I congratulate Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam on their election victories, and stand ready to help them in any way I can as they prepare to lead Virginia.

“The outcome of the race for Attorney General has not yet been determined, so I will refrain from commenting on that race until the final results are known. However, I recognize Mark Obenshain and Mark Herring for participating in such a hard fought and competitive campaign.

“I also thank Ken Cuccinelli, Robert Sarvis and E.W. Jackson for their willingness to engage in the political process. Campaigns are never easy, and this campaign was particularly difficult. I hope they will take comfort knowing that they did their best, even though the outcome may not have been as they desired.

“I also congratulate all of the candidates who won election victories tonight in the Virginia House of Delegates. I am pleased that the House of Delegates will continue to have a strong Republican majority, under the capable leadership of Speaker Bill Howell. I know they will continue to do their part in making certain that Virginia takes a mainstream approach to governing.

“As a Republican, I am deeply disappointed that our party has lost control of our state's top two elected offices. There are clear lessons in these losses for the Republican Party. Going forward, we need to have an open and honest conversation about the future of our party and determine what we must do to reconnect with a more diverse voter base whose support is critical to political success in Virginia.

“Now that the campaigns have ended, we must all come together in support of our elected leaders and help them in their effort to build a better Virginia. Let that process begin.”

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