Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One day in the life of Virginia's libraries

Libraries go out of style? You must not have been to one recently. The Virginia Library Association lets us know that in just one day ...

- 412,969 items were borrowed
- 3,726 new library customers enrolled
- 10,764 attended free classes
- 82,565 customers used computers and Internet access
- 14,527 people held meetings
- 8,861 people in the community were visited by the library
- 19,239 customers asked questions about business, jobs, health, government, and school work.

Libraries provide public education for all. A major component of Virginia's strong education system, libraries, deliver an exceptional three-pronged curriculum:
- Self-directed education
- Research assistance and instruction
- Instructive and enlightening experiences.

What's the number one citizen request in Virginia's public libraries? Digital information resources.

Technology: Today's new libraries stand poised to meet the information needs of the 21st century with:
 - Ebooks
 - Downloadable audiobooks
 - Online research tools
 - WiFi.

Interested? Check out any of the branches of the Augusta County Public Library system: Fishersville Main Branch, Churchville, Deerfield, Craigsville, Middlebrook.

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