Sunday, October 22, 2006

The angry Left....

President George W. Bush visits with Senator George Allen
Richmond, Virginia - Thursday, October 19, 2006

Us - Support the Troops and Our President demonstrators
Them - Anti-war, anti-Bush protesters

Our signs:
"Virginia is BUSH Country"
"We will not forget ... Remember 9/11"
"HONK ... If You Support Our Troops"
"We Support Bush-Cheney."

Their signs:
"Jim Webb for Senate"
"Bush Sucks"
"Bush: Motha F*cker"
"Bush & Allen tell lies"
"Impeach Bush for Incompetency"
"Allen is a racist"
"Macaca accomplished"
"Time for a change"
"No noose is good noose"
"Monica Lewinsky had more president in her than Bush ever will"
"Keep families intact; vote no on Amendment # 1"
"Dump the Dick-tater"
"Bush eats babies"
"Old dirty bastard President"
"Our policies make their terrorists"
"Quit. Moron!"
"Freedom from torture"
"Prez lying, troops dying, NSA spying"

Their chants:
"One, two, three, four - we don't want your f*cking war"
"F*ck Bush"
"Impeach Bush"
"Bush sucks donkey d*ck"
"Rejoice when body bags come home"
"What do we want? Peace. When do we want it? Now." (What part of YOU'VE HAD NO BOMBS DROPPING ON YOUR HEAD FOR FIVE YEARS did they not get?)

Our people:
We stood holding American flags and a Support the Troops flag.

Their people:
One hippie-looking middle-aged man said, "Know what your f*cking piece of cloth means to me?" And then he spit on a small flag he was holding, stuck it in his mouth, chewed it, then spat it out and turned it upside down.

These are the WEBB supporters.

These are the Democrats.

These are the people who want to be in charge of our country, in charge of our safety against terrorism, in charge of policy.

Keep the faith ... vote on November 7 ... and stand strong for freedom!


Andrew from Middlebrook said...

I read your report of the visit to Richmond. I commend you on participating in the political process. I am ashamed of how you were treated; I am ashamed of the language used; I am ashemed of anyone disgracing the American Flag.

You and I may disagree on a lot of issues, but like you, I am proud of our flag, I am proud of our country, and I am proud of our troops.

We have in this country not just the right, but the obligation to free speech. But we should also be responsible enough to engage in that free speech in a respectful manner. On an unrealted note, I may have crossed that line recently on the NewsLeader blogs when commenting on Mrs. Winfield. And so I hope that you can apologize to her for me.

SWAC Girl said...

Andrew, I will pass along your apology to Rhonda.

Thank you for your frank comments. There is middle ground for most of us who realize that the bottom line is we are all Americans.