Thursday, October 26, 2006

Susan Allen in Waynesboro....

Attended a dinner tonight in a Waynesboro restaurant with Susan Allen. What a lady. She's articulate and an excellent stand-in for her husband who was off campaigning elsewhere.

A small dinner was planned, just something to kind of unwind and let local supporters spend time with the Senator's wife ... maybe 15 or 20 folks. We had almost 50 people show up! What fun ... spending time with fellow Republicans who are working hard to re-elect George Allen. What a treat to spend time with Susan Allen who is working tirelessly for her husband.

Keep working ... keep phoning ... continue to write letters to the editor ... be sure everyone around you plans to vote ... work the polls on Election Day ... don't slow down! We're only 11 days away ... and we will win this.

Stay strong for freedom!

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Janie said...

Mrs. Allen was up in NOVA last night, working with us at the Vienna Halloween Parade. God Bless Susan Allen. She's working so hard. She is such a kind, gracious, lady. Heaven knows when she finds time to sleep. From the looks of her, she hasn't found time to eat. :) (Many of us are jealous!)

I am proudly wearing my big button that says "I support Susan Allen's husband".