Sunday, October 22, 2006

Richmond Times-Dispatch Endorses George Allen

T-D endorsed Allen for Governor and Senator in the past with no regrets

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has endorsed Senator George Allen for re-election to the U.S. Senate. In today's editorial, "Allen for Senate," they list their reasons beginning when Allen was Governor:

As governor, Allen ranked as one of Virginia's most estimable -- and revolutionary -- of the 20th century. He persuaded a Democratic legislature to abolish parole, dramatically reform both welfare and the juvenile justice system, approve parental notification, and -- to raise academic performance -- establish a Standards of Learning program emulated nationwide.

They follow up with Allen's run for the U.S. Senate in 2000:

Allen's victory over Charles Robb in 2000 proved the only defeat of an incumbent senator seeking re-election that year. Allen exceeded expectations for a first-term senator with, for instance, (a) his successful support of Roger Gregory for a permanent seat on the Richmond-based 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, (b) a measure for federal funding of next-wave nanotechnology, and (c) a bill to block taxes on Internet access.

Because of his success in the Senate, Allen was chosen to lead the battle to gain control of the Senate in 2004:

He was so effective as a first-term senator that in 2004 he was named head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the Republicans gained a stunning four seats -- including that of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle.

The Times-Dispatch gets it in the War on Terrorism with this:

Allen's opponent in this race, echoing Democrats everywhere, has cast Allen's ... backing of the president as sufficient reason for Allen's defeat.

On the contrary, in standing with a president whose election The Times-Dispatch has twice endorsed as well, Allen's support of the president in combating the 21st century's most serious threat to America and to liberty throughout the world -- speaks persuasively for his Senate re-election.

They offer a short list of some of the issues that "rule decisively in favor of George Allen" including his support in the War on Terrorism, his understanding that we must have a strong defense to protect National Security, his understanding that the U.S. needs to break from dependence of foreign oil, his backing of health savings accounts, his support of President Bush's federal tax cuts and the need that they be made permanent, and more.

You must read this editorial endorsement that ends with this:

In all, we concur with Senator John Warner's view of his fellow senator: George Allen "is honorable, thoughtful, and a principled man . . . . We make a good team, and we've worked together successfully on many issues. George has my vote."

He has ours, too. And The Times-Dispatch encourages you to give him yours.

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